10This is our most popular service and meets most people’s requirements (sample of a General Family History). The report is based on an average 6 - 8 hours research and includes a comprehensive range of records such as:


  • census records (1901/1911)
  • civil registration records (birth, marriage and death)
  • church records (baptism, marriage, occassionally death)
  • property/land/valuation records (Griffth's Valuation, Tithes)
  • emigration/immigration records (ship passenger lists / border crossing, naturalisation)
  • occupational records (trades / professions / farmers)
  • research specific records (records not outlined above, i.e. newspaper / court / prison)  


It can also include a Family Tree Chart showing your family in attractive and easily understood graphic form.


The cost of a General Family History (like all our report services) covers research hours but does not cover the cost of writing the report, which can take considerable time. Also, our experience has shown that to complete a successful General Family History, it is necessary to purchase copies of records/documents and carry out a variety of searches online and when relevant in local repositories. Once research has been commissioned we only charge cost price for these records and the amount to be spent will always be agreed beforehand.  


A General Family History will endeavour trace your family from a known relative back in time. Unless otherwise requested, the family is followed through the male line. For instance, if you are interested to find out about your paternal Irish grandmother (i.e. your grandmother on your father’s side) and earlier generations of her family, we would first identify your grandmother, and then trace her family back through her father, to his father, and to his father before that.


Once your family can be located in the aforementioned records, there is a very good chance that we can trace them back to the mid 19th century, and in some cases where records survive, to the early 1800s. However, Irish records can be taciturn and unpredictable and we cannot guarantee that all your genealogical expectations will be met. For this reason, we aim to keep in touch with you throughout the course of our research and let you know how the search is progressing. Our General Family History is our most popular service as it can shed considerable insight into your family history for a reasonable cost. Please see a sample of a General Family History here.


Ireland’s turbulent history and the fact that civil registration was introduced only in the mid 19th century (1845 for non Roman Catholic [RC] marriages and 1864 for all RC births, marriages and deaths and non RC births and deaths), it is usually quite difficult to break the 1800 barrier with a General Family History. Generally speaking (unless you are very fortunate) to extend your family history to pre- 1800, it is necessary to commission an Expanded Family History.


To select a General Family History please fill out an Assessment Form and select General Family History.


Whilst we will endeavour to complete your General Family History as promptly as possible, please allow 4-6 weeks for the completed report.


On completion of the research, your General Family History will be sent to you electronically, in Pdf format. If desired, for an additional sum a bound soft/hard copy can also be sent by post.