An Expanded Family History can take many different forms and because it will be tailored to meet your specific requirements, it is important that we have discussed these (usually by email but we can talk on the phone if preferred) before ordering this service.


Sometimes, people wish to work on more than one side of their family (i.e. follow their grandmother’s and grandfather’s family back in time) and given that there would be some cross over of information, we can reduce the price when two or more of our services are ordered together.


In some cases, after completion of a General Family History, your appetite has been whetted and you just want to know more; more about the newly discovered members of your family, where they lived, their occupations, the times in which they lived, etc. To do this we would aim to concentrate on a range of less well known sources whilst keeping you up to date with how the research is progressing.


Breaking the 1800 barrier is one of the main reasons why people order an Expanded Family History. Having completed a General Family History or perhaps, already knowing quite a lot about your family in, for example the 19th century, you may want to try and trace them back even further. For cottiers (occupiers of less than 5 acres) and small farmers this is usually not possible as no records survive as to their whereabouts. However, for many others, tracing your family back pre- 1800 is a significant possibility and can be done through deeds/wills/estate records/census substitutes and a range of other fragmentary and less well known records that survive depending on what part of the country they lived and on their occupation, status and religion.


The cost of an Expanded Family History will depend on your specific requirements. Therefore, to order such research, please fill out our Assessment Form and select Expanded Family History from the drop down menu. We will assess your query and once we think that there is a reasonable chance of a positive outcome we will reply with an outline research plan and suitable price structure. If you have any queries regarding this service please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Whilst we will endeavour to complete your Expanded Family History as promptly as possible, please allow 4-6 weeks for the completed report.


On completion of the research, your Expanded Family History will be sent to you electronically, in Pdf format.  If desired, for an additional sum a bound soft/hard copy can also be sent by post.