1 An Ancestor Biography is usually requested when you wish to find out as much as possible about an ancestor who may have been ‘well known’, ‘well publicised’, in the ‘public eye’, but most of all, will have featured in the contemporary records of their time. 


If, for example, you know that your paternal grandfather (grandfather on your father’s side) was a small farmer, and his ancestors before him were small farmers, and you know nothing else about his life, it is unlikely that he will have left sufficient a mark to uncover any more details about him. This of course is not to say that he did not leave his mark, of course he did, but it’s just not traceable. If on the other hand, a story exists within your family about how your grandfather’s cousin fought with Laurence of Arabia in the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire, and was part of events that altered the course of history, it is most probable (once there is some truth in the story!) that records survive concerning his life.


An Ancestor Biography will attempt to trace the momentous events of your ancestor's life; it is an in-depth, detailed account of one person. See a sample of an Ancestor Biography here.


To order an Ancestor Biography, please fill out our Assessment Form and select Ancestor Biography in the drop down menu.


Whilst we will endeavour to complete your Ancestor Biography as promptly as possible, please allow 4-6 weeks for the completed report.


On completion of the research, your Ancestor Biography will be sent to you electronically, in Pdf format.  If desired, for an additional €50, a bound hard copy can also be sent by post.